Business Credit


Funding Blueprint

By Jaron Hicks

Building Business Credit

What you'll learn in this eBook

  • Set Up Your Business the Right Way

  • Build Your Business Credit

  • How To Get Funding For $50k-$150K

  • How To Set Up Your Business Bank Account

  • Where To Find Net 30's (Links Provided)

  • How To Accept Credit Card Payments

  • How To Report Utility & Telecom Payments

Having Good Business Credit Can Make a Big Difference

When you are running a business, it will require acquiring capital and a good business credit score may be the only way to secure the financing that your business needs to achieve the goals. The lenders need to be assured that they are taking a risk worthwhile by lending to a business such as yours. They don't want to think that you will default on the loan, so you want to make them feel as if their investment is safe with your company. This is where business credit comes in at and this guide explains exactly how to assure your Lenders feel that they are making a smart investment by lending to you.

How to Build or Improve Business Credit

Get a Business Credit Card or Bank Line of Credit

Establish a Business Bank Account

Manage Your Use of Credit Cards and Line of Credit

Pay your Bills On Time

Choose suppliers and Lenders who report your payment activity to the credit agencies

Constantly check your credit report and correct any errors

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Also Learn How to:

  • Structure Your Credit

  • Separate Your Personal Credit From Business Credit

  • Obtain Business Credit Reports

  • Obtain Revolving Credit


  • Direct Click access to 8+ Business Funding Companies offering from $25k Same day funding up to $2,000,000

  • 3 Business Auto Loan Companies

  • 15 Easy Approval Tier 1 Accounts

  • 19 Easy Approval Tier 2 Accounts

  • 9 Tier 3 Accounts


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